Restaurants use Temp-Plates® to guarantee dishware and utensil sanitation

Restaurants and Food Service providers must require not only cleanliness from their dishware, but also sanitation.  To avoid any potential diner safety issues, dishware, utensils, and serving pieces must be thoroughly sanitized before use.

The dishwasher must rinse with water greater than 180°F to sanitize the plate, but low enough to avoid “baking on” any remaining food particles.  The FDA Food Code says dishware is considered sanitary when it is 160°F or greater at the completion of the wash cycle.

Dishware is sanitized in a dishwasher for diner safety

A Temp-Plate® label that includes these indicator temperatures is applied to the back of a plate or dish before it is placed in the dishwasher for cleaning.  When the dish reaches the necessary temperature, the correct Temp-Plate® indicator spots will turn black.  The label can then be inserted into a logbook as proof that sanitation requirements are being properly met.

The Standard Four Position 240-161F label is a popular model for this application


The 240-161F label is Made in the USA.

 Made in the USA

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