Temp-Plate Temperature Sensitive Labels

  • Dishware is sanitized in a dishwasher for diner safety
    Dishware is sanitized in a dishwasher for diner safety

Wahl Temp-Plate Temperature sensitive labels are self-adhesive labels containing heat sensitive indicator positions that turn permanently black when the rated temperature point is reached.

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Temp-Plates monitor temperatures continuously with no interruption due to power failure or battery exhaustion, providing a permanent record of any overheat events that may occur. Calibrated to ±1% from 90°F to 500°F (32°C to 260°C), Wahl Temp-Plates are the World’s only NIST Traceable temperature sensitive label.  Available in a variety of sizes and configurations in both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, Wahl Temp-Plates are used in variety of industries and applications, including dishware sanitationsemi-conductor manufacturingmedical instrument sterilizationbacterial decontaminationin-flight airplane safety, and helicopter rotor overheat monitoringContact us for assistance in choosing the best model for your application, or work with our ISO 9001:2008 certified Asheville, NC, USA based factory to design a label specifically for your purposes.