Application – In Flight Safety

Aircraft component overheat can be an expensive and dangerous proposition. Wahl Temp-Plates® monitor aircraft systems to help ensure your safety.



Aircraft manufacturers, aircraft maintenance facilities, airlines, and airports all over the world use Wahl Temp-Plates® to monitor critical systems on their fleets.

Many different aircraft components are temperature sensitive, and need to remain at or below a particular temperature range to stay safe and reliable.  Affixing a Temp-Plate® label to a temperature critical part allows monitoring of the component even when the aircraft is in flight.

By inspecting the label prior to departure and after arrival, technicians can determine if a vital part of an important system has experienced potentially damaging overheat during a flight.  If a concerning temperature is noted by the turning of a temperature spot, the flight crew can determine where the overheat has happened, and safely perform preventative maintenance on the ground – making sure you have a safe flight.

Wahl Standard four position 240-180F labels are popular among our aviation industry customers for monitoring landing gear temperatures.


Wahl 240 Series Temp-Plate® Labels are Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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