Specially designed Temp-Plates® are used on helicopter rotor shafts across the globe, monitoring for dangerous overheat

The rotor shaft of a helicopter powers the rotating blades that make it possible for helicopters to fly.  This drive shaft is a critical component of the helicopter’s infrastructure and ability to provide safe transportation.


When a helicopter flies, it’s possible that the grease packed around the drive shaft can overheat and melt away.  If this critical lubricant is not present, the rotor shaft may seize mid-flight, endangering lives.


Preflight and preventative maintenance inspection are key to preventing in-flight failures of critical drive shaft components.  A specially designed Wahl Temp-Plate® is applied to the main rotorshaft to detect if any overheat that might cause damage occurs during the helicopter’s operation.  If, during an equipment inspection, any of the temperature spots on the Temp-Plate® label have turned color,  further investigation of the drive shaft integrity is required to prevent potentially dangerous accidents.

Wahl’s specialty 6000 Series Temp-Plates® are designed specifically for this application, and are custom built to order.  Request a quote for more information on these specialty labels.


Made in the USA

Wahl 6000 Series Temp-Plates® are Made in the USA